The Top Trends Inspiring Our Kitchens In 2023

Futura (Cambridge) shown in Indigo Blue & Futura shown in Smoked Steel (2)

At The London Kitchen Co., we are always searching for the latest ideas and innovations to share with our clients and delight in discovering the most stylish new looks. Every new year brings with it an exciting opportunity to look back over the wonderful kitchen trends that have gained popularity and anticipate how we expect them to develop over the coming months.

Of course, it’s not every day you decide to renovate your kitchen, and so creating a design that’s going to stand the test of time is essential. While trends can come and go, the most popular new design concepts can provide a great source of inspiration and often present a host of clever solutions to help you get the most from your space. Our team of experts have compiled a selection of their favourite kitchen design ideas that we expect to see featuring in 2022.


Green Is The New Blue

With a 300-year design heritage, shaker kitchens certainly make a timeless choice of kitchen style. And there’s no better way to give your classic shaker kitchen a modern twist than with a stunning on-trend colour scheme. Over the past few years, dark navy blue has been the go-to option. However, in 2022, this looks set to change.

Some of the biggest names in paint, including Benjamin Moore, Sherwin-Williams and Farrow & Ball, have chosen green tones as their colour of the year. And with many kitchen manufacturers following suit in their newest colour ranges, there’s no doubt green is going to be giving navy blue a run for its money. Elegant and dusky sage greens bring a wonderful sense of tranquillity to a room, whereas deeper forest greens make a luxurious statement. Both pair beautifully with modern and traditional kitchen styles.

Dark & Dramatic Contemporary Kitchens

Featuring clean lines and little extraneous detailing, handleless kitchens create a sophisticated backdrop to open-plan living. Their sleek and elegant looks have made them increasingly popular with our London clients. Promoting a spacious, uncluttered atmosphere, their streamlined aesthetic initially inspired designers to adopt a bright and minimalist white palette. In 2022, glamorous dark black and graphite colour schemes will take the lead, bringing depth and establishing a chic, luxurious atmosphere. Ranging from soft matte black to dramatic marble and slate finish cabinetry, this stylish contemporary palette pairs brilliantly with on-trend natural materials and metallic accents.

Natural Wood Accents

We’re all becoming increasingly aware of the issues surrounding climate change and the environment, and the visual language associated with these concerns is clearly influencing the latest interior design trends. Inspired by Japanese and Scandinavian cultures, both of which possess a certain reverence for the environment, graceful natural wood accents feature heavily in the latest modern kitchen designs. The beautiful grain adds a delicate touch of warmth to a refreshingly clean contemporary space. Wood accents can be introduced through your choice of flooring, cabinet finish, worktops, shelving, freestanding furniture and even wall panelling.

Showstopping Slab Splashbacks

Wood isn’t the only natural material that’s sure to garner appreciation in 2022. Beautifully veined marble and granite are also enjoying their time in the spotlight. While tile splashbacks have long been popular thanks to their ability to add a pop of characterful colour and pattern to a design, sleek slab splashbacks in a striking natural stone finish make a distinctly elegant and sophisticated choice.

Mixing Metallics

The warm undertones found in gold, copper, antique brass and rose gold perfectly complement the bold darker colour schemes that have grown in popularity over the last few years. Lending a glamorous touch to the kitchen, these metallic details remain popular. However, in 2022, we’re shaking it up by combining finishes. Matte black accents are no longer strictly the preserve of the industrial kitchen; their chic makeover makes them the perfect accompaniment to luxurious warm metallic accents, the resulting effect- an effortlessly stylish and eclectic interior.

Beautifully Arranged Shelving

Ever since the gradual shift from place to cook to social hub, we’ve been striving to make our kitchens feel more spacious, open and inviting. One solution that continues to enjoy success is the trend for open shelving. Forgoing bulky overhead cabinetry in favour of stylishly arranged shelving allows you to display your favourite ornaments alongside useful items, thereby serving a practical purpose while helping bring character and personality to your space.


Whether you’re looking to create a glamorous space for entertaining or a cosy family kitchen, the latest trends offer plenty of inspiration to help get your ideas flowing. If you’d like to know more about any of the fantastic design ideas featured in this article, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our friendly expert team would love to discuss the vision you have for your space. You can call us on or 020 7127 5235 email [email protected].

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